I have been taking Spanish class on the weekends for the last one year. It is every Saturday and Sunday morning for 3 hours. Depending on how interesting or passionate the teacher is, there can be some games or creative activity in the class. Luckily, I have a passionate teacher in the level I am in now.

I would like to share with you an activity that we did this morning, because it inspired me a lot. In fact it inspired not only me but also some of my class mates.

The name of the activity is SOÑAR ES GRATIS, dreaming is free.  This is the translated instruction for the activity:

Work in pairs; imagine that you have a lot of money that will allow you to create any business of your dreams; a restaurant, a pub, an art gallery, etc. Decide what business you want and answer the questions below:


What is it:


What is the name:


Where is it located:


What things/ activities does it do:


Other characteristics:


We immediately busied ourselves writing; surprisingly it took longer to put our dreams in writing than we thought (even though it is said in the instruction that we have a lot of money..). Anyway, in short, to just sum up the Dreams of my classmates this morning, here they are:

  1. To have a restaurant nearby the sea in Goa
  2. A Cinema in Paris
  3. A Casino in Vegas
  4. A Hotel by the beach in Goa
  5. A free hospital for terminal illnesses in New Delhi

And then we discussed and shared our dreams with each other. You know, this was just a 10 minutes activity we did as we had limited time. It was very easy and fun, but the difficult part was to find the words in Spanish. It really lifted up the energy in the class.

When Purva, my classmate, who I worked with in pair this morning shared her dream of having a free hospital in New Delhi, her eyes came alive, brighter. She talked and talked…. Fun exercise.

I am going to do it again. I have more time now.

I would like you to do it. Get an empty sheet of paper and a pen. You can prepare a coffee or a tea as well to accompany you (I have my coffee and almond roll with me…) and just start answering the questions above. As mentioned in the title of the exercise DREAMING IS FREE, so go ahead and make today a bit brighter, dream a little…


You’ll never know, maybe you will have a lot of money in the future. By then, you know what to do : )



IMG_5755Baking some Mandelmassa bullar (Almond Rolls) today.



I watched the ice hockey game this afternoon, Almtuna against Södertaljeä, in Uppsala. First time I came to see ice hockey game. I must say I enjoyed very much! Will not be my last time to watch live game like this.


Since this is my first time to watch ice hockey, my poor husband got to answer all my questions. Too many rules… Ok, there are 5 players on each side, and they change players all the time. The reason is because it is very tiring. It is a high-speed game.What else? yes, the game is 3 period of 20 minute each, with 15 minutes break between the period. That’s the rules I remembered so far. I need to watch more to get to know the rest of the rules :)



During the break time of the game, there was a short game played between 2 kid teams. This was very entertaining!. They were beyond cute, their tiny posture and the attire.. and some of them were falling all the time! So funny… I think if next time there is a kid match of ice hockey, I definitely buy ticket for it.


27_90_hAlmtuna won 3-1 from Södertaljeä. And since I cheer for Almtuna, it was an exciting game to watch!

So what do I learn after watching this game? I’d rather watched the game than taking photos. Well, at least I have more than one photo for today for my project.



Uppsala, the city. It was a beautiful day today with a pleasant weather.


25_90Went for walk in the forest today, 1.5 hours.. and ended up in a nice golf course! Some sun along the way.



 Pink sky in the afternoon.




23_90 Family Dinner last night.


Plantation Shop

Went with my mother-in-law to a plantation shop this afternoon. It is time to plant some seeds into the ground before the winter comes and the soil gets frozen. So then the flowers will bloom in time for spring.